Conflict Resolution Services Resulting In High Performing Teams

14 Sep 2017 10:29 AM | Anonymous

I know times are tough, the economy is rocky and spending money on training right now seems crazy when on a budget but honestly, I don't know how you cannot afford to attend a training that will help you/your business retain good employees, manage high conflict personalities in the workplace and limit the time and money spent on having to train new people.  The answer is you can't afford not to attend if you are stressed out about conflict in the workplace, be it with an employee, a client or regular customers.  Conflict is everywhere!  

Conflict resolution in the workplace is different than utilizing mediation skills.  In workplace conflict resolution, the facilitator is not neutral because they have the best interest of the business at heart.  However, managing conflict in the workplace requires skill.  Sometimes skills that are contrary to how your manager is accustomed to handling employees.  As a manager, I was the one in control and whatever I decided was the answer but it didn't sit well with those I managed and for good reason.  I was not equipped with the skills that are necessary to manage employees fairly but firmly- at the same time.  

I attended a training in San Diego (home to Workplace Symphonies) with Regina Schnell and was blown away by her confidence and efficiency.  Any excuse or negative response from the employee was met with a response that either diffused the conflict or left the disgruntled employee without a defense.  I'll include a video that outlines the steps to resolve conflict in the workplace.  I hope you'll consider joining us for the training on September 22, 2017 at the BP Energy Center.  Cheers!

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