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Facilitating Constructive
Conflict Resolution in Alaska

Headed to Court? Try Mediation Instead.

Mediation is Participant Driven

Mediation offers an alternative way for people in conflict to reach a resolution that preserves some control over the outcome. When you meditate, the decisions about where to compromise and how to reach agreement are entirely yours. When you litigate, a judge decides.

It's Confidential

Mediation is private. Nothing that you say or do in mediation can be shared later in court unless it is included in the final, signed, agreement.

It's Voluntary

All parties attend mediation by choice, often with a goal of preserving a working relationship with the other parties.

It's Neutral

Mediators are neutrals. They don’t make judgements about who is right or wrong. They don’t tell you what to do. Final decision making stays with you.

It's Lower in Cost

Because parties share the cost of mediation and resolution can be quick, mediation is typically far less expensive than litigation.

It's Fast

The speed of resolution depends on the rate at which parties can come to agreement and not on a court calendar.

It's Safe

You are encouraged to have an attorney review your agreement before signing, or an attorney can participate in the entire process with you.

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