A Report on Basic Mediation Training

07 Dec 2016 3:12 PM | Anonymous

The 40 hour basic mediation training on November 18-21 was just amazing!  If you were able to attend, I think you will agree that it was time and money well spent, whether or not you're a professional entering the mediation field.  Even participants who were professionals in the field prior to attending the training were very gracious with sharing their expertise with all of the learners.   

Dr. Clare Fowler came from Eugene Oregon to conduct the training.  She is a professor at University of Oregon, has her own mediation practice and is an editor for the website, www.mediate.com.  She conducted the in-person interactive training in Anchorage and then a follow up after the training, online, which was a great way for the attendees to gain some experience with how to conduct mediation online.  I think those who attended the follow up online will concur that mediation done online is not as easy as it sounds; however, Dr. Fowler, with her method of teaching, made this experience almost seamless.  

Dr. Fowler teaches a SONAR approach to mediation.  SONAR is an acronym which stands for Statement, Opening, Negotiation, Agreement and Resolution.  To get more information about Dr. Fowler and her basic mediation training, please find her website at: http://www.clarefowler.com/index.cfm

Everyone in the practice of mediation started somewhere.  Having a foundation to start from is a great way to build on knowledge and experience. Interestingly, many of the training attendees were not in the mediation business but rather see mediation training as a way to bridge conflict within their workplace and at home. It just goes to show how useful these skills are to just about any professional. 

Mediation skills can also be used at church, at school, at a hospital, and in sales.  Please keep checking this website for current training opportunities in the future and if possible, we will have Dr. Fowler back again next year.

Truly yours,

Angela Hamann


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