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03 Aug 2016 10:33 PM | Glenn Cravez

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Professional Mediators of Alaska website. Allow me to share a short story to explain why.

The last time I represented someone in court for a contested custody case was nearly 30 years ago.  My client "won," and custody of his children was awarded to him and not to his ex-wife.  I glanced over at their children's mother, and she was devastated.  I looked at my client, and he didn't look any better.  That night I looked at myself in the mirror and decided, "Never again."

That was the last time I ever represented someone in a court case over a family dispute. There had to be a better way than court to help families move forward.  I began learning about mediation and taking mediation trainings.

Since then, I have devoted considerable energy to the development of mediation in Alaska.  I helped establish the Mediation/Arbitration section of the Alaska Bar Association, draft Alaska court rules recognizing mediation, and even teach mediation courses at UAA.  I have attended numerous mediation trainings and participated as a trainer, coach, and mentor to new mediators as well.

And now I am happy to be involved in the establishment of the Professional Mediators of Alaska (PMAK). Through PMAK, Alaska's mediators are banding together to spread the word statewide about the benefits of using mediation to resolve conflict.  These benefits include:

1. Helping people resolve conflicts for themselves while maintaining control over the outcome, rather than giving control to a third party to decide.

2.  Providing a safe, confidential, and voluntary process for folks to work through their differences.

3. Promoting a way to resolve conflict that can help to preserve, or even enhance future parenting or working relationships rather than damaging those relationships.

4. Allowing for planning and conflict resolution at a reasonable cost and in a shorter time frame than is required for litigation.

5. Creating opportunities for creative problem solving that takes into account the interests of all parties.

I encourage you to explore our website, and please feel free to contact any of our Board members with your questions about mediation or our association. Again, Welcome! 

 Glenn Cravez is a mediator, arbitrator, and attorney in Anchorage with a statewide practice.  He is the President of the Professional Mediators of Alaska

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